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Veenat - The Lethal Leukemia Cure

Date: November 12, 2014 

Veenat is a potent medicine for curing leukemias & cancers preventing them from spreading in the body. It is prescribed after surgical removal of the gist to control cancer from advancing in the body of the patients.



Manufactured by Natco Pharma and available in 400 Mg and 100 mg dosages it contains imatinib that belongs to the class of  protein-tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Being a cost effective tablet veenat is a perfect alternative for highly priced imatinib glivec tablet. However, the medication should be taken after the advise of a registered medical practitioner.



Precautions Before Taking Veenat:

A person having allergic symptoms to Imatinib should not use Veenat. Also patients suffering from liver, kidney, congestive heart failure & previous record of  stomach ulcer or bleeding are not advised the use of  veenat. Suffering from any of these conditions may require a dose adjustment or diagnostics tests for the safe use of Veenat.

It should be taken as prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner as advised & for the concerned time period only. Take this medicine with a large glass of water. These are manufactured & marketed under different brand names by several pharmaceutical companies. It is marketed under different brand names as Imatib , Veenat & Glivec. Veenat Tablet (Imatinib) should be taken with a meal.



Known Side Effects:

  1. Red skin rashes with peeling, fever, sore throat, and headache.
  2. Nausea, loss of appetite with pain in stomach, dark urine with clay-colored stools & jaundice.
  3. Chills, body aches &flu symptoms.
  4. Black & bloody stools.
  5. Coughing up blood or vomit resembling to coffee grounds .
  6. Pale skin causing bruising or bleeding & unusual weakness.
  7. Respiratory problems.
  8. Swelling, rapid weight gain.
  9. Abnormal urination.
  10. Severe pain & headache behind the eyes.




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