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Types of Liver Cancer, Its Symptoms & Drugs

Date: August 28, 2014 

Liver cancer begins due to the spread of unhealthy cells in the liver. Liver cancer is different from the other types of cancer,as it spread from the other parts of the body. It is a  rare form of cancer, but at the same time, it consists a high mortality rate.


Types Of Liver Cancer:

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC):

It is also called, as a hepatoma. It is estimated that, about 75 percent people suffer from this cancer. It is a very common type of liver cancer.  Most of the cases of HCC, due to the infection with cirrhosis or hepatitis B or C, of the liver, are caused by alcoholism. The symptoms of this cancer are: Easy bleeding, Abdominal pain, Easy bleeding and yellow eyes or skin.





Fibrolamellar HCC :

It is a rare type of HCC. It is  more responsive to treatment, as compare to the other types of liver cancer.  Weight Loss is the most common symptom of this cancer.




It occurs in smaller, tube-like bile ducts into the liver, which is employed to carry bile to the gallbladder. The chances of acquiring the Cholangiocarcinomas are about 10-20 percent, as compared to the other types of liver cancer. The symptoms of this cancer are: Jaundice, Itching, Weight Loss, Weakness, Fever and Abdominal pain.





It is also known as a  hemangiocarcinoma. It occurs about 1 percent only. It starts it beginning through the blood vessels of the level. The symptoms of this cancer are : Bruise, Skin infection and a lump.



Secondary liver cancer:

It is also, called as a liver metastasis. This is developed due to the primary cancer, through the other parts of the body and spreads to the liver. The symptoms of this cancer are: Nausea, Fatigue, Weight loss and sudden loss of appetite.



Most Demanded Liver Cancer Drugs:
The most common or generic and effective drugs to treat the liver cancer are:-

Erlocip Tablet
Sorafenat Tablets
Imatib 100 mg Tablets

but should be taken under the prescription of a doctor only.


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