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Early Symptoms Of Cancer

Date: June 30, 2014 

 Cancer has been the most common cause of death for many individuals. Cause of this deadly disease are smoking, tobacco consumption, & so on. It is always better to prevent a disease than searching for a cure afterwards & hence, its' better to recognize the early signs of cancer & prevent the cancer from spreading further. Once the cancer spreads fully, it becomes difficult to get it treated fully & sometimes, people even die because of untreated cancer. Here, in this blog, we are illustrating some of the early signs of cancer that can be noticed in very early stages of the disease. Symptoms of Cancer can be different in males & females. Early signs of Cancer in men are as follows:

1.) Bowel Changes: Constipation, looseness of the bowels, blood in the stools, acidity, diluted stools, or just a general overall change in bowel habits indicate that you must see your doctor as it can be the symptoms of Colon Cancer.

2.) Unintentional Weightloss: Loss of enormous amount of body weight may be a sign of Cancer, you must have a check on it.

3.) Lumps in Testis: Men should test their testicles approximately every month as growth of lumps on the testicles can be a sign of Testicular cancer.

4.) Urinary changes: Straining during urination, Pain while urinating, Delayed urination, & so on can be a sign of Prostate Cancer.

According to a research, women tend to be more watchful when it comes to health check ups & cancer screening. But, it is not true always, women of younger age-group tend to be quite negligent about regular health check ups & hence there are chances they may miss the early signs of Cancer. To help them, we have a list of early signs of Cancer in Women:

1.) Breast changes: The most common type of cancer that attacks females is Breast Cancer. If you notice any unexplained changes in the breast like a lump, recend inward pull on nipple, knot or lump in the armpit, etc., then you are in need of having a proper cancer screening test.
2.) Cervical Issues: Discharge of blood unexpectedly from vagina can be an early sign of Cervical Cancer.

3.) Bleeding after Menopause: Even a minute discharge of blood from the uterus after menopause can be a sign of Uterine Cancer. This kind of cancer generally occurs in women of older age.

4.) Persistent cough: Blood stained persistant coughing that can't be treated by medicines is a sign of Lung cancer.

5.) Difficulty in swallowing food: Difficulty in swalloeing solids & able to swallow only liquids, weight loss, Vomiting after having food, acidity can be the symptoms of Oral Cancer.

The early signs of cancer if noticed must not be ignored. You must visit your doctor & have a cancer screening test so as to get the disease treated on time.


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