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Cancer Causes, symptoms & Treatment

Date: June 27, 2014 



Cause of the deadly disease, Cancer, is the damage of specific cells and even faulty or defective genes.

Heredity is also one of the cause for the spread of Cancer. As the genes are encoded in the DNA , hence any fault or damage in the genes leads to the damage of DNA structure which can ultimately lead to Cancer. It is to be noticed that damage of single gene won't affect the structure of DNA & hence cannot cause cancer, but if a no. of genes in the single cell get damaged or ruptured, then this certainly can lead to cancer. Sometimes, it can also be caused due to the family history of an individual. If anyone in the family is suffering or has suffered from cancer, then chances are there that the descendants may get infected with these disease but it is not mandatory. Cancer can also be caused by the odd eating and drinking habits. Heavy smoking can also cause Cancer.





Cancer can be cured easily if it gets detected in the earlier stages only. Hence, if any signs of cancer appear or gets noticed, one must consult the doctor & get the proper treatment.As the cancer can be of different types, hence symptoms of cancer vary according to the location or origin. The symptoms depend on where the cancer is, how large is it, & how much is it effecting the nearby organs. With the growth of cancer, the organs near to the origin get pushed by the tumour & the pressure then leaves some signs like pigmentation, swelling, etc. The major symptoms of Cancer are high fever, intense weariness & weakness.


It is not mandatory that Cancer always get recognised with these symptoms because sometimes it may not show any signs or symptoms even after growing large. This generally happens when the Cancer spreads in some particular organs like Pancreas.


Symptoms, be of any type, if suspected for cancer, must not be ignored at any cost.





In the earlier times, many people died because of Cancer & it was considered an uncureable disease. But nowadays, treatment of Cancer can be done successfully. For the treatment of cancer, different types of surgeries are performed. It can also be treated with the help of Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, radiation therapy & monoclonal antibody therapy. For the treatment of cancer, doctors also prescribe certain medicines that are easily available on all medicine store & can also be purchased online via online pharmacy sites.

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