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Cancer and It's Types

Date: August 16, 2014 

Cancer is a disease, caused by the development of  abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and also capable to destroy as well as infiltrate the normal body tissue. Through the blood and lymph systems, these abnormal cells can spread all over the body. Cancer is a second leading disease that causes death, but as compared to earlier, Survive rates are improved due to the advanced cancer treatments.

Types Of Cancer:


Liver Cancer: 

Liver Cancer may be caused by the prime liver cancer and the secondary liver cancer.


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Primary liver Cancer:

It is the cancer that arises in the liver directly. It occurs due to the  alcohol      abuse, birth defects or chronic infection, but with the help of disease, such as the Hepatitis B and C,    hemochromatosis (linked with the iron in the body) and cirrhosis. There are many substances, that can cause cancer are linked with the Primary Liver Cancer, which include chemicals and herbicides, such as arsenic and Vinyl Chloride.


Secondary Liver Cancer:

It is the cancer which arises in the other parts of the body and spread to the liver. Most Of the cases of Liver Cancer arise due to the Secondary liver cancer.


Thyroid Cancer: 

Thyroid cancer occurs, when the abnormal cells are developed in the thyroid gland. It is an uncommon type of cancer. Exposure of the radiation has a grater chance to cause thyroid cancer. It is treated with the surgery and radioactive iodine.



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Skin Cancer:

It occurs due to the development of the abnormal cells, which can destroy and infiltrate the normal body tissue. Skin Cancer has a very minimum or low chance to spread all over the body. Skin cancer be prevented  by the use of protective cloth, sunscreen creams and lotions and avoid to going outdoors during the timing 9 am to 3 pm.



Colon Cancer:

Colon cancer is also known as the  'Malignant tumor' and it rises by the inner wall of the large intestine. This cancer has more chances to find in men as compared to the women. It is commonly treated by the surgery. The treatment of this cancer depends upon the spread extension of the cancer and the health of the patient also.



Prostate Cancer:

Prostate cancer is known as the second leading cancer among the various types of  cancer, that can cause death. It arises due to the abnormal blood test (PSA) or during the routine examination of the digital rectal, a hard nodule is felt on the Prostate gland.




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