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Hepcinat 400 mg Tablets (Sofosbuvir)

Manufacturer : Natco

Ingredient : Sofosbuvir 400 mg

Package Size : 1 X 28 Tablets

Package Price Unit Price  
1 X 28 Tablets $346.00 $12.36
2 X 28 Tablets $678.16 $12.11
3 X 28 Tablets $996.90 $11.87
4 X 28 Tablets $1302.61 $11.63
5 X 28 Tablets $1595.69 $11.40
6 X 28 Tablets $1876.54 $11.17
7 X 28 Tablets $2145.51 $10.95
8 X 28 Tablets $2403.00 $10.73
9 X 28 Tablets $2649.27 $10.51
10 X 28 Tablets $2884.77 $10.30
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Sofosbuvir 400mg (HEPCINAT) is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, genotypes 1, 2, 3, and 4, in combination with other antivirals like ribavirin.
Sofosbuvir 400mg capsules is usually taken once a day. Sofosbuvir 400mg is a prescription hepatitis C medicine and should be used under the guidance of a doctor with other antivirals to treat long lasting hepatitis C infection in adults
Warning & Precautions
Sofosbuvir 400mg can cause death of your unborn baby. If you or your sexual partner is pregnant or plans to become pregnant, do not take these medicines.
Don't take the drug without consulting a doctor or physician.
Side Effects
Tiredness, Headache, nausea, difficulty sleeping, low red blood cell count.
Every piece of information about the drug is intended to be general in nature. We neither claim any guarantee nor endorse any product or its manufacturer.