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Buminate (albumin)

Manufacturer : Baxter

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1 x 1 vial $2880.00 $2,880.00
  • Description
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  • Side Effects
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Buminate 20mL, 50mL, and 100mL comes in glass vials containing a drug made from human serum albumin and are the abundant with blood plasma protein. Baxter Buminate injection is used in the treatment of hypoalbuminemia, hypovolemia, oncotic deficits treatments 24 hours after burns that are extensive, replaces protein loss from burns that are severe, treats edema in those patients with nephrosis that is severe and who are receiving steroids, also used prior to and for the duration of cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, as well as hemolytic diseases in newborn babies.
Buminate should only be administered in an intravenous drip and should not be used if turbid or cloudy. It is also advised to not use this drug 4 hours after opening the glass vial. The unused portion should be discarded as quickly as possible after 4 hours. Acceptable diluents include 0.9% Sodium Chloride or 5% Dextrose in Water.
Warning & Precautions
Do not use any un-used portion of the drug if it has been opened for more than 4 hours. Do not add any additional drugs. Do not use the drug without the advice or guidance of a physician.
Side Effects
Side effects can include, nausea, tachycardia, hives, hypotension, chills, fever and rash are some effects that may occur after administering the drug, breathing problems such as wheezing or shortness of breath, sudden unexpected change in blood pressure.
Store the bottle at room temperature 30 degree Celsius. Avoid freezing the bottle to prevent damage to the pack.
Every piece of information about the drug is intended to be general in nature. We neither claim any guarantee nor endorse any product or its manufacturer